As per my composing final week, I challenged you to spend only 1/96th of the day to change your existence. How did you do? Keep in mind, only you truly know the solution.

Each day as I’m speaking with individuals and especially when I do instruction workshops, people are always asking the secret to true achievement in your everyday living. You need to re-read last week’s writing because the solution of your success is what you really are feeding your spirit each day time. I recommend that for those who have not created a individual dedication to invest 1/96th of the day time, which is only 15 minutes out of 24 several hours, to start doing this today.

You can search and try to figure why it is that you do not feel fulfilled in life or feel that you are not on track to where you want to be…or, you can try this foolproof method — take action today and commit to beginning your day each morning with 15 minutes of empowering spirit food vs. negative depressing news or radio.

Treat each day as a gift and be excited about opening up your personal present from God each day, which is A NEW DAY on this earth to prosper. In life, the smallest improvements compounded over a period of time produces the largest returns. In the world of finance, a penny a day doubled will create more wealth for you than you can humanly imagine, but in the beginning it is worth only pennies.

As you invest 15 minutes daily, you may say to yourself, “This is not working. My life is still the same.” The only currency each of us has on earth is time. You need to allow time to take its course, and you will begin to see the results in your life. The first result is that you will begin to make clearer more productive decisions, which will position you toward a more prosperous future.

A very easy device that you can you utilize to track your growth is to keep a daily log in your “spirit food” time. Many people have diet or physical exercise logs to monitor their progress and assist them accomplish their actual goals. Whenever you implement a “spirit food” log, you’ll begin to build up your expense inside your spiritual account which, when tapped, will create results past your wildest dreams. I had been compelled to write once again on this subject, “For what ever a man sows, that he will also experience.” It stands to reason, that if you sow 15 minutes a day time, you will reap hours of positive, productive outcomes.

Really feel free of charge to e-mail your outcomes to me directly as you reap them in your life at YOUR testimonies personally empower ME! So, make your commitment to 1/96th of a day and start to view what occurs.

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