“Best Dentist in the Valley” – Timber Crest Dental Center, Appleton, Wisconsin.

Statistics and survey reports from the Disease Control and Prevention center has stated that nearly 29% of adults and 27% of children suffer a lot from tooth cavity problems.  The worst part is that the cavities arising in the tooth remain untreated until it is too late. But one needs to take care of their teeth which is highly essential. For those who care lot about their teeth; Good news is on the way! Timbercrest Dental Center located at Appleton, Wisconsin is providing outstanding services for those who require and want to maintain excellent oral health. Timbercrest Dental Center is voted the “Best Dentist in the Valley” since 2003 in and among the surrounding areas of Appleton.   Timbercrest Dental Center firmly believes in:

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Excellence

Timbercrest Dental Center provides information about wide-variety of dental care techniques. Anyone can refer to Uk marriage visa www.timbercrestdentalcenter.com website for questions related to dental care.  For a high quality convenient dental practice, ease of access, qualified & experienced dental professionals, visit here. Our team comprises of a rich talent pool that will provide better, more personable services.  Feel free to visit their office situated at Appleton, Wisconsin if you have any queries and also if you are in need to seek an appointment with them.  Timbercrest Dental Center always warmly accepts new patients, regardless of the condition of your teeth and gums.  Timbercrest will never “scold” or lecture you about your current status.  They will develop a strategy to help guide you back into good oral health painlessly and comfortably.

Timbercrest believes firmly in a ‘Value-Centered Practice’. The prime essence for their philosophy is the summation of value which they always hold for our customers. Timbercrest Dental Center always keeps things intact and personal. They always pay undue attention to their customer needs at a poised, unhurried pace. Timbercrest wishes to provide permanent solutions to dental problems and also to offer impeccable personal attention and trust, along with professionalism, warmth and fun.

Unlike other dental clinics who offer the traditional dental services, Timbercrest excels above and beyond the full array of services provided, complimenting them with the best kind of comfort, along with the fabrication of look and health of teeth in patients who seek help. Timbercrest Dental Center is renowned for providing the best hospitality to its customers, because it is only ‘service’ which remains in the mind of customers rather than the amount of money which they spend for nurturing their teeth. The staff of Timbercrest is very tender and compassionate, and offers so much care to their patients.

Timbercrest is more concerned of what people generally feel about the services they provide and offer. Hence they excise extreme caution while offering dental treatments to their patients. Before commencement of treatment, diagnosis of the problem is always established for knowing the exact cause of the dental problem, and then the means of eradicating it permanently is educated to the patient through a thorough treatment plan. Patients are educated about the cause of their dental problems and the needed precautions to be exercised to avert future dental problems. Timbercrest adopts a wide-variety of dental and cosmetic procedures to treat dental problems in every patient. Sterilization and disinfecting of all instruments and equipment is concisely done after each patient visit.

Timbercrest makes an informed decision about the treatments which they opt to give to patients beforehand and only then offer treatments which suits their patient’s needs. Timbercrest Dental Center values the health of each of its patients seriously!

Timbercrest Dental Center – Perfect place for Your Family’s Dental Care!

Timbercrest Dental Center is proudly acclaimed to be a perfect place for your family’s dental care. Timbercrest Dental Center was established in the year 2003, when Dr. John Luther acquired the practice and patients from Dr. Louis Eich, who provided dental services for over 30 years in the Fox Valley. Since the years of its establishment, Timbercrest is applauded as the “Best Dentist in the Valley” in Appleton and the Fox Cities multiple times. Timbercrest Dental Center is renowned for delivering pain free dental treatments to its patients.

Timbercrest Dental Center is the perfect family dental center. Patients feel at home at Timbercrest and enjoy the hospitality given by the staff working there. All treatments are well informed in advance before its commencement. All the instruments and equipment are sterilized and disinfected very carefully before use to eradicate potential infection.  The staff wears the required gloves, eyewear and mask through every procedure.  After each patient, the staff discards the used gloves, disinfects their hands and wears new gloves and mask to attend to the next patient. Customers are assured of the best possible, germ-free care.

Timbercrest Dental Center emphasizes each of its patients to undergo a thorough complete examination of their teeth and gums for detection of any underlying oral and/or dental complications, regardless if you are a new patient, or if you are an established patient, and it is time for your routine checkup. This also includes a screening for oral, head and neck cancer, which could easily be cured when detected at the initial stages.  After fully diagnosing any problem, a complete treatment plan is devised and recommended to their patients.

Children generally possess aversive feelings towards doctors and medical procedures. Timbercrest can  administer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and Oxygen to relax kids, and even adults, who are highly anxious about treatment. This helps to relax the patient to a greater extent. Parents are also requested to assist with the consultation for treating small kids. Thus, Timbercrest Dental Center emphasizes greater care for children.  Sealants, which are noninvasive topical coatings that are placed on the biting surfaces of permanent teeth to help prevent future tooth decay, are offered to both children and adults.  Usually the timing for application of sealants is 5 minutes for each tooth.

Sedation dentistry techniques are offered by highly trained dentists at Timbercrest Dental Center to provide an anxiety free and relaxing effect while receiving treatment, by taking a small pill 1 hour prior to their appointment.  This will also aid patients to resolve complex dental issues within the minimal amount of dental appointments, whereas with conventional dental treatments may require numerous sittings.  Because patients become so relaxed, it almost always allows them to sleep through the procedure, allowing Dr. Luther to correct more dental problems quicker and more efficient.  For those suffering with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea problems, or clenching and grinding habits that lead to severe headaches or TMJ joint problems, they can find the cure at Timbercrest Dental Center. They offer numerous oral appliance therapies to solve the foresaid problems.

Digital dental X-ray/radiograph systems are used for diagnosing the teeth at Timbercrest Dental Center. This ensures that the examination process is very reliable, faster and offers a more comfort level to their patients. In addition, intra-oral digital cameras are used for viewing and examining their patient’s teeth and any problematic areas under magnification inside their patient’s mouths. Its size is equivalent to that of a dental mirror and greatly helps aid in detecting cavities, broken fillings, cracked teeth, tartar, plaque and much, much more.  Because the patient can see what the dentist sees, like a still photo, it will help educate the patient with any potential problems that need to be addressed with recommended treatment, and help them value their oral health better.

Timbercrest Dental Center offers the following Dental Procedures and Services to its patients:

  • Tooth-colored Fillings
  • Bonding
  • Crowns & Bridgework
  • Gum Treatment
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Complete and Thorough Exams
  • Orthodontics (Invisalign Braces)
  • Surgical and Restorative Phases of Implants
  • Dentures
  • Root Canals
  • Extractions
  • TMJ Joint & Headache Treatment
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Children and Family Dentistry

They also offer Cosmetic Procedures like:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Esthetic Recontouring
  • Teeth Whitening, including “Deep Bleaching”
  • Invisalign Braces
  • Lumineers
  • Smile Makeover

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